Check Vodafone Balance – 3 Ways to Check Balance of Vodafone SIM

High-speed internet and the fact that everybody nowadays relies on mobile reload gives it more reason to monitor your data usage.  The idea that online entertainment is so accessible makes it more typical for every user to stay connected all the time. And since data usage costs money, that means you need to stay updated on how much data you used or how much is remaining. So it would be best to know how to check Vodafone Balance any time of the day.

Check Vodafone Balance

In this article, we will discuss all the codes and numbers that you need to dial in order to check your balance. As you will find out, there is more than one way to check your Vodafone balance. May it be your allocated internet data or your regular mobile load, we got you covered.

How To Check Vodafone Balance

There are three ways to check your balance. This is applicable whichever method you use. You will still get your existing real-time balance. These methods are:

  • USSD Dial
  • SMS
  • Vodafone App

The USSD Dial is the much easier approach, and so we recommend that you memorize all the codes that you need to dial. The rest should be easily accessible as well, but sometimes, they are delayed for a minute like that of SMS. The Vodafone app is only useful as long as you can still access the internet. Otherwise, you can contact Vodafone Customer Care for more details.

USSD Code to Check Vodafone SIMs Various Balances

The USSD dial method will only require that you dial the codes on your smartphone. Dial one of these codes that are designated to a specific inquiry and you will get the update right away.

Talktime Balance Check

  • *141#
  • *111#
  • *145#
  • *148#

Internet Balance Check (3G/4G)

  • *111*6#
  • *111*5*2#
  • *141*9#

Video Call Balance Check

  • *123*9#

SMS Balance Check

  • *142#
  • *123*1#

Check Night Minutes

  • *157#

Check Usage Allowance

  • *111*6*2#

Low Balance Services

  • *111*9#

Night GPRS Balance Check

  • *111*9#

Check Own Number

  • *111*2#
  • *8888#
  • 164

SMS to Check Vodafone SIMs Various Balances

If for some reason you can’t use the USSD Dial method, you may also use the phone’s SMS to check your balance. All you need is type in the designated keyword on your SMS messaging app and send to its designated number.

Internet Balance Check



Send to:

  • 144

GPRS Balance Check


  • GPRS

Send to:

  • 144

Download Vodafone App

If you have an always-on data, you may choose to use the Vodafone app. Get one from iTunes if you are using an iOS device. Or download the app from Play Store if you are an Android smartphone user.

Within the app, you may track your data usage, SMS, and call in real-time. You may also check your Vodafone bill, current payment details, outstanding bill, and the last six months history of your bill.

You may also enjoy instant activation of any available data package, voice plan, and new services. Basically, you will have full control over your prepaid or postpaid account right within the app.

In Conclusion

It is important that you have full control of your SMS, voice, and data consumption all the time. Apps these days like social media ones are always online. And this consumes your data in the background. And if you are not careful, you might find out that there are no credits left for you to use.

Be vigilant and use these methods to monitor your data and load credits all the time. The USSD Dial would be the easiest and requires less effort to do.

If you have questions, feel free to leave your comments down below. We will try to respond to them as soon as possible.

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