Airtel Smartbytes – Airtel Broadband Balance Monitor (Check Usage)

The Airtel Smartbytes is a feature for all Airtel customers to monitor their high-speed internet consumption and be able to add more data if they reach their data limit before the end of the month.

Do you always find your data empty? Are you always caught off guard and get surprised that you do not have any data to use to access the internet? If you are an Airtel account holder, then there is a solution for you—the Airtel Smartbytes.

airtel smartbytes

Browsing the internet or watching video streaming on your mobile phone is a way to get information and typically to consume time. This is the normal activity of most smartphone users. They get their entertainment fix by accessing their favorite online platform.

But that consumes data. And if you are into video streaming sites like YouTube, you could easily consume all your allocated data for the day or the whole month. And that is what Airtel Smartbytes can help you with. This feature can notify you when you reach a certain amount of data left or if you need to top up for extra data allowance.

What is Airtel Smartbytes?

The Airtel Smartbytes is a data usage pack that enables Airtel broadband users to top up more data allowance each time they reach their defined, allocated data plan. This specific feature is very useful every time they reach their data limit.

This feature allows more flexibility for Airtel customers to choose a fixed and affordable plan. And still, be able to go further for those times that they need more internet data. Even if they already exceeded the monthly settled plan, they can still get access to the internet.

The Airtel Smartbytes also added the notification feature where you will be notified whenever you reach the 80% amount of data used. And notify you again when you reach the 100% overall data amount. If you installed the Smartbytes mobile version, you will be notified directly within your device. If not, you still have the SMS and the email to tell you that you are almost emptying your data allowance.

How to Check Data Usage

Checking your Airtel account’s data usage is easy with Smartbytes. It will just take a couple of clicks, and you should be done in a minute or two. Here’s a brief overview on how to do it.

Using Any Web browser

  1. Just go to Airtel Smartbytes page and log in the Airtel account number and OTP password that will be sent to your number.
  2. Choose which product you are using from broadband, 3G, or 4G LTE.
  3. Click on the product you are using and just wait for a couple of seconds.
  4. That’s it. You will see the remaining data and the remaining days before the next bill is due.

If you want to know more about Airtel broadband coverage, you may visit the Open Network project page. Find the best area where the fastest broadband internet speed can be experienced.

Using the Mobile App

  1. If you have not installed the Airtel Smartbytes app, please get it first from Google Play Store.
  2. Once installed, tap on the app to open.
  3. For first time users or fresh install, you will be asked to enter your Airtel number and an OTP password for verification.
  4. Once in, you will immediately see the summary of your account. You should see the available balance your account has, the remaining days, and lastly the remaining data.
  5. To refresh the app if you think that it has not been updated yet, just swipe down anywhere on the screen. And it will fetch fresh data to give you an updated summary of your account.

Additional Data Usage Packs

Airtel Smartbytes offers its customers a variety of top-up choices. This will give all its users the freedom to add more and still monitor their budget. So you can always keep track of your expenditures with your monthly data bills.

  • 1GB for INR 99/-
  • 2GB for INR 159/-
  • 5GB for INR 299/-
  • 10GB for INR 499/-
  • 20GB for INR 799/-
  • 50GB for INR 1499/-

These top-up options are great especially if you are on a tight budget but still with the need to get online access on-the-go. All of these options come at high-speed internet data bandwidth. So you will still be able to enjoy the same fast internet access no matter where you are.

There are two ways to view and access your Airtel Smartbytes account. One is through Airtel’s official website, and the other is through Smartbytes mobile app. The best option is the mobile app. With it, you can always take a peek at how much data you still have in real-time.

In Conclusion

The Smartbytes is one of Airtel’s efforts to bring quality user experience within their network. Though nothing is perfect, they are still working hard to make the experience more satisfactory and friendlier to all its subscribers.

Admittedly, there is still a lot of work and improvement to do, but with enough support and customer cooperation, Airtel will eventually get the right blend for everybody.

Are you a long-time Airtel user? How does the Smartbytes feature help with your internet needs? If you can suggest some improvements, what would it be? Tell us your ideas and opinions in the comment section, and we will surely get the word out to help everybody.

If you have questions and concerns, just feel free to state your message, and we will be more than happy to help out in any way we can.

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