Airtel Open Network – Everything You Need To Know

Airtel Open Network is a project of Airtel to address the issues regarding network coverage.

Airtel Open Network is probably the boldest move and initiative from Airtel. The network declared that they would be more transparent with their network services. And as bold as it sounds, the question is if they can actually deliver. In this article, let’s give a closer look to Airtel’s promise of transparency and service improvement branded as Airtel Open Network.

airtel open network

What is Airtel Open Network?

The Airtel Open Network focuses on actual network coverage and how much it broadcasts throughout its supposed covered area. All of this is then showed graphically on Airtel’s webpage to let people know what area has a good signal for 2G, 3G, 4G or LTE. You do not need to login to your Airtel account to view the map.

The campaign iterates that in order for the broadband service to get better, Airtel made their users as partners and contributors as well. This has simplified every query, complaint, and issue reports dramatically.

In a basic term, the Open Network project is a transparency move for the telecom company to show the people that they listen to what people want. This is to emphasize that they are willing to show everything they got. So that people will easily understand the weakness and strength of their services. And in this case, Airtel laid out a graphical representation of how much their coverage reaches using every available type of signal.

Map Legends

There are four color codes to interpret Open Network graphical representation. And each of them has a signal equivalent that translates to internet speed.

  • White — No Coverage
  • Yellow — Moderate
  • Orange — Good
  • Violet — Excellent

You can choose whether to check for 2G Coverage or the 4G/3G Coverage. This way, you will know exactly whether your area can provide you superb internet speed or a terrible one.

Another map legend that you will notice is the tower icons. There are four icons that you need to look out to. They are:

  • Existing Towers – This means that the area has a tower and you can expect good reception around it.
  • Towers Upgrading – This means that the tower in the area is in the process of upgrading to provide better internet service as soon as it is back online.
  • Towers Needed – This means that the area has no tower. And therefore, the internet reception is either bad or nothing at all.
  • Towers Forcibly Shutdown – This means that there was a tower in the area but was forcibly shut down due to issues with the landowner or related authorities.

If you are near or within the Towers Needed and Towers Forcibly Shutdown area, Airtel encourages you to help out. If you know someone that the company can get permission to set up a tower, feel free to contact Airtel customer service or Airtel Broadband Customer Care number using 12118. Rest assured that a representative will contact you as soon as possible.

What Open Network Can Do

Open Network is only aimed at giving people an actual idea of what area has the best and worst coverage. So if you are someone who is planning to shift to Airtel broadband service, you can check the Open Network platform and find out if your area has good reception.

The Open Network also acts as a platform for those who want to report signal issues as well as great receptions. This way, the telecom company will be aware of the area’s situation in terms of data coverage.

This will also nominate the area for a near future upgrade or at least be included in network coverage improvement. All you need is go to Open Network page and specify your location on the map using a pin. Or perhaps report the problem by calling the 12118 using your Airtel mobile number.

So Open Network is just an area to raise network-related concerns. The best example is reporting to Airtel about an area where there is almost zero network coverage. And you can help out if you know the person or authority to talk to in order for the telecom company to build a tower in the area.

What Open Network Cannot Do

As much as Airtel wants to resolve all the network issues at once, it is not physically and financially possible for the company yet. So they do every solution and improvement one at a time. And the Airtel Open Network is a step closer to that ideal future that all its consumers want.

This project is solely to let people know which area has good network coverage and otherwise. Also, within the platform, you can report and take part in the improvement by giving feedback using the page. That’s what Open network does.

What Open Network does NOT do:

  • The platform does not help the customer get cheaper rates.
  • It does not reduce call drops, but it will certainly be an agent to help improve call quality in the long term and in the near future.
  • Open Network cannot improve your internet speed in the current time, but it will give you an idea of which area near you has the most optimum internet data signal.
  • It does not cater to provide you with service on bill payments and data plans.
  • The platform is not to give resolution to your Airtel services inquiry.

In Conclusion

The Open Network is not entirely a direct solution to the network problem that everyone is experiencing. Instead, it is a solution to the messy communication and interaction between the company and its customers.

And if you think that this move from the company is useless, you are reading this whole thing wrong. If you look at it at a broader side of the story, you will find that this is a positive start. This should have been the way all telecom companies and perhaps other corporations as well should treat customer interaction.

This way, issues that matter will not get lost amidst the thousands of other issues that point to other directions. And proper authorities will easily be informed of the things that could be done the soonest time possible. But, of course, all still lead down to how Airtel will handle this platform.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a message in the comment section. We will try to get back to you the soonest time possible.

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