Airtel DTH Customer Care Number & Email

If you have a problem with your DTH subscription, here are the all contact info that you need.

Is your Airtel digital subscription giving you a headache? Does the signal keep showing bad reception? If you are certain that it is not your TV set that is acting up, then you should try contacting the Airtel DTH customer care number.

Airtel DTH Customer Care Number & Email

Bad digital TV reception is sometimes caused by weather, signal interference, faulty digital service, and sometimes it’s the TV system device itself. And since normally, most consumers have no idea about electronic stuff, it would be best to leave the technical job to the expert.

The Airtel customer service does not advise servicing the TV system to unauthorized personnel. If you really believe that there is something wrong with your TV signal, just call Airtel and report the issue. The customer care on the other line will be able to raise the concern. And will be able to send an authorized technician to fix the problem.

Airtel DTH Customer Care Number

These are the phone numbers where you may reach Airtel DTH customer care. It would be best to save these numbers for emergency purposes or in instances where you experience digital signal issues and related stuff.

Phone No.:

  • North Hub: 0124 4448080
  • East Hub: 033 44448080
  • West Hub: 020 44448080
  • South Hub: 080 44448080
  • 12150 (Airtel users)
  • *121*6# (Airtel users)

If you are an Airtel account holder, you can directly dial the *121*6# on your smartphone with the Airtel SIM. This will directly put you through their customer service representatives. Also, using this number is free and will avoid incurring extra charges no matter how long the call conversation is.

For a specific area, here are the numbers that you can contact to address your concerns regarding DTH issues. See if you can find your area within the list.

Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh0755 4448080
Uttar Pradesh0522 4448080
Karnataka080 44448080
Andhra Pradesh040 44448080
Mumbai022 44448080
Maharashtra020 44448080
Himachal Pradesh08628048080
Jammu & Kashmir09596748080
Bihar & Jharkhand09955148080
WB033 44448080
Delhi011 44448080
Tamil Nadu044 44448080
Kerala0484 4448080
Noth East08132948080
Haryana0124 4448080
Gujarat079 44448080
Rajasthan0141 4448080
Punjab0172 4448080


Before you call the Airtel DTH customer care number, make sure to prepare your DTH Customer ID first. This way, you do not have to leave the phone when a customer service personnel asks you to provide it. This is necessary to make sure that they are talking to a legitimate Airtel account holder and not some scammer. This is also for your own security.

It might also help to inform you that the customer care hotline supports up to 12 languages and operates 24/7. This is to create more understanding and easier communication.



If you prefer using the digital mail or Email, you may use this email address to address your concerns, queries, and suggestions. This method is also best when a phone is not available near you. Yet, you still have access to the internet using a computer or laptop.


When calling or emailing the DTH customer service care, try to stick to telling the issue at hand and not deviate but adding unwanted and unnecessary stories on the side.

It would also be best to keep in mind that every conversation is recorded whether it is through email or phone call. That means you should avoid using vulgar and inappropriate words. Rest assured that that always does not help with fixing the problem or even create a positive mutual understanding.

This personnel are there to help address your concerns and will do everything in their power to help and provide resolution to the problem presented at them.

Nodal Officers

Aside from the regular and dedicated customer service hotlines, there is also a department for nodal officers. They are the ones that handle grievances and customers that are not satisfied with the redressal at the call center level.

If you think that your case or concern was not handled properly, you may contact these numbers to help you out:

Sr. NoStateNodal Officer NameNodal Officer NumberNodal Officer email ID
2Arunachal PradeshRana
10Dadra & Nagar HaveliDinesh
11Daman & DiuDinesh
13LakshadweepJoseph George
14KeralaJoseph George
15PondicherryM Senthil
16Tamil NaduM Senthil
19Madhya PradeshUmesh
22Himachal PradeshSamit
23Jammu & KashmirPankaj
25Uttar PradeshHarpreet Singh
26UttaranchalHarpreet Singh
28Andhra PradeshManjunath
31Rest of Maharashtra &GoaGopal
34West BengalArup

In Conclusion

Airtel has many services that they offer to their subscribers and users. Every department has their own customer care number and other contact info. They also provide means to reach their customer service platform using apps such as Airtel Smartbytes, Open Network, and Airtel account login page.

For more info, please refer to other pages about Airtel on this website. You should be able to learn about the giant telecom company and their nature of service in the articles that we provide about them.

If you have questions, feel free to leave your message in the comment section below. We will be more than happy to help you out as soon as possible.

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